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Date : 22 June 2020

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  • Poonam Gour

Janta curfew followed by a lockdown was proclaimed as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. This was surely a confusing and disruptive span of time initially. The grim news of corona spread was hampering our peace of mind but soon positivity prevailed.

We are not wasting our resources particularly food because of limited access. We are missing our parents, relatives and friends like never before though they are one click away. We value our relations more than before now. The lifestyle is changing. We have stopped gaining momentum in our lives but I think we would strike back as nicer human beings after the pandemic. Corona has transformed us to be more patient, more hygienic, less lavish, disciplined and creative.

Having said that now came the major part i.e. to show my creativity. A virus brought travel to a standstill and a child’s energy locked up at home. Adding to it, the lockdown period is no different for a stay-at-home mom. I had no idea how to stay sane with children at home without going to school, parks, beaches etc.

I thought I had a pretty good strategy for every minute of my elder daughter’s day covered and occupied. I must say toddlers are much easier than the grown-ups but tackling their combination is indeed a toiling task. But, time with kids is something to treasure especially when it as stress-free as we just have to stay at home. Initially, my elder daughter Paridhi was fine as she knew Modi Ji told us not to go out and wash your hands regularly because of the corona.

My younger daughter Vaanya was cranky as she couldn’t go out and there was no way to make her understand. Soon they both started to adapt to their new routine which was no outdoors, late wake-up and bedtimes, her hands always on TV remote which fell on the floor a zillion times in a day. The home was the new school. I encouraged Paridhi’s drawing skills.

We painted, did paper crafts, baked cakes and sat in the balcony. We have even beaten thalis and lit diyas like any other Indian. I tried to engage her in little household chores which I ended up doing myself. Soon she was bored to the brim and started throwing tantrums. She is a child after all. Play doughs, dollhouses, building blocks provide only a few hours of fun. I had prepared a list of things by mixing and matching her moods in order to utilize this time judicially. But this was not going to work. She likes to study but now she started to run away from studies and in excuse, she said that this much study was enough for her to become a doctor. I realized kids don’t always need to learn something, be better at things or improve their skills. They have enough time to be the person that we think they should be. They are gifted, talented and remarkable. Moreover, kids need entertainment, diversity and attention. So, I let my “little kite” fly without any tension in the string attached. And I donned the cap of my kids’ friend. Though as a parent I would yell sometimes.

We have been cultivating new habits together. There is some extra laughter, some extra fun. We wake up early sometimes just to watch the sunrise and it is magnificent. We saw sunsets only, before the lockdown. The chirping of birds is the newly discovered soothing music. My kids are able to recognize the cuckoo’s voice though they fail to trace its location. We workout together and dance our hearts out. Sometimes, I shoot her tik -tok dance videos as she simply likes it. We pray together and it’s a lovely sight to see my little munchkins to take a pause and say thanks to the god. We even watch Ramayana together which in a way is helping me to connect my daughters to our glorious roots. Cartoons play an important part.

The younger daughter adds to our happiness. We enjoy her naughty attempts to be like grownups. We educate her about her body parts together. We keep a count of every new word spoken by her. Now, this won’t have been possible with the regular pace of life. We read the story of her choice daily which is interrupted by a lot of questions. We have our question-answer rounds at night. Also, the forgotten childhood games are taking the charge i.e. hide and seek, blindfold, the bird flies (chidiya udd), ludo and snakes and ladders. Their father also joins us. We play with our shadows in torchlight too.

This stress-free engagement is soul rejuvenating. Lockdown experience is such a nurturing and beautiful experience for me. I have done so much healing and growing and learned so much over this past one month alone. Great memories are in making with my daughters and I know one thing that you don’t have to be the super parent all the time. I will let the experience of real-life to be very visible to my daughters as watching the rainfall and feeling the raindrops are two different things.

Lockdown or no lockdown, I am going to continue this journey like this only with some extra laughter, some extra fun.


Poonam Gour

Poonam Gour is a young parent of two lovely daughters and a homemaker.
She loves to write and this time penned her thoughts for the first time on Curious Times.

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