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Image depicting Language - Is it a Barrier or a Gate?

Language – Is it a Barrier or a Gate?

Image depicting Language - Is it a Barrier or a Gate?

Being a human obviously means that we’ll express our thoughts. Early humans had to draw on the walls of the caves to say something. That was quite a lot of hard work. But why should we worry, we’ve indeed got what we needed, languages. Later the early humans learnt to use sign languages and hence came the languages we speak nowadays. It’s a drastic change brought by early humans in the civilization.

We’re blessed to be born in such time where one who has difficulty in speaking, they too can speak properly. It’s what known as the modern world. Still a language is the base of everything because through this only we can talk, write, communicate etc. There are over 7000 languages around the globe which are spoken. The most prior language throughout this world is English. Then other languages in the list includes French, German, Italian, Spanish etc. Most spoken language is Chinese or Mandarin all over the world. The national language of India is Hindi and it also has other 17 widely spoken language is different states. With so many ways of expressing our thoughts, it seems like our ancestors had blessed as by opening a whole new way of communication.

Now let’s come to our main topic, is language a gate or a barrier? First of all we need to know what does the terms ‘gate’ & ‘barrier’ used for. Something which makes us a way to somewhere else and here also same, it’s making us a way to an opportunity. Barrier always means blockage and it is stopping us from an opportunity.
As I included before, we speak diverse languages throughout India, throughout the world. The base of all these languages, of course after sign language is Sanskrit. It’s the most toughest language & the one from which others originated. In our world two more base languages were there namely Greek & Latin. From them the other European languages originated. English is one among them.

Nowadays English is given the most priority because it is such a language, known to everybody, understandable & can be learnt easily. The most prestigious job opportunities can be done with this language, English only. For travelling abroad English is a must because without it we can’t even communication with others wheneverly needed. Even for pursuing higher education this language is really important.

But that absolutely doesn’t means all other languages are not required at all. People consider learning other languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali etc means they’re unsmart & if one can’t speak english he are she doesn’t know anything. A language is a medium to express feelings and thoughts not a comparison among others. All languages used in our day to day life must be seen equal. Some even says that learning and stocking English makes one look much more smarter. These all are nothing but I stereotypes.

We all must learn to consider English as a language like others not something too much superior. This thought of society stops people from accessing some opportunities which they deserve. This list your construction of a barrier of a language and it does stops one from many jobs too. But there is quite a big time left for us to understand the real meaning of a language.

People must remove this stereotype from the society to turn this language into a gate, a path to the success. This will be possible only if the public accept English and other languages as a simple language, neither superior nor inferior. A language is a gate or a barrier totally depends on our thoughts & so there’s no proper answer for this stereotypical question. Still it remains as our responsibility to make a language into a success gate not a blocking barrier.

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