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Date : 15 June 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Disha Mukherjee

The story is written for school students studying the French language (Grade 6 and upwards). Translate yourself and stay glued for the French version on Curious Times!

France has four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring (March, April and May) – In spring, the weather is nice and the sky is blue. It is neither hot nor cold. There are flowers everywhere.

Summer (June, July and August) – In summer, the sun shines and it is hot. It’s sunny.

Autumn (September, October and November) – In autumn, it is windy. It rains too. Leaves fall from the trees.

Winter (December, January and February) – In winter, it is very cold and it snows. It is foggy. The sky is gray.

Each season has its own beauty and fruits. France is magnificent in all the seasons.

Do check out the interesting fruit and savouries of France on the below links:

The market

A visit to a French Patisserie!


Disha Mukherjee

Grade 12+, Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon, Haryana

Disha is a Dipsite fresh out of school and has been studying French for 7 years. She has a B2 diploma in french. She chose to study French on a whim and ended up falling in love with the language and culture (C’est la vie!) so much that she now wants to inspire young children by sharing her love of the same through her writing. Disha enjoys reading, cooking and bullet journaling in her free time.

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