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Margaret Hamilton: The Unsung Hero

“Not every person can do big things . But each one of us can do small things in a big way.”

Mother Teresa

From jungles to traveling to space, looking for a place on Mars to almost entering the robotic age, we humans have developed in a big way. This has been possible due to the contribution by a lot of people whose work has been much talked about and some who haven’t been talked but have been big contributors to help in the development.

Neil Armstrong was the image of the first man to step on the Moon but not many know that Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were also the crew members of the same space mission. For this space mission to be accomplished there was many a scientist who worked right from the beginning to the end.

One such lady engineer working on this mission who really impressed me was Margaret Hamilton. if not for her the entire mission would have been in danger.

Margaret Hamilton joined NASA when she was 24 years old. She was an engineer and lead the team who programmed the code that allowed Apollo 11 spacecraft to land safely on the Moon surface. On July 20 1969 minutes before Apollo 11 ‘s Touch Down on the lunar surface, the computer started spitting out error messages. The entire mission was in danger.

Luckily she had set up the computer to focus on the main task and ignored everything else instead of aborting the mission Apollo 11 landed safely on the moon. Apollo 11 ‘s landing has helped the world to discover what lies beyond earth and make many more discoveries in the space science .’

As one small step for the man, one giant step for mankind ‘. It wouldn’t have happened without the brilliant programming skills and cool-headedness of this one woman NASA engineer Margaret Hamilton. She went on to work on all Apollo manned missions in the future..

I wish Margaret Hamilton were alive!

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Shivanshi Rai

Grade 5, Sunshine Worldwide School Goa

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