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Monster Mobile

Nowadays when we see any baby or kid or a child, we’re obvious to see a branded mobile phone clutched in their little soft hands. From childhood, they learn to control it & as days pass they get too much addicted to it to leave the habit of scrolling and tapping on that horrible screen. The colourful shiny screens, not toys, attract the children. Mobiles hypnotize them.

Slowly the children grow into teens but that habit they have got, never ever changes. It seems mobile calls them nearer forgetting whatever is going on outside. Students behave awkwardly when a phone is in their hands. They even can’t concentrate on anything. Social media attracts them, to chat with others and make friends. But actually, the person is making friends with the phone itself. It’s like a huge spider who day by day holds the person tightly and one day, the person disappears from the human world.

The radiation the monster phone releases can actually kill fellow people who love them much more than themselves. They all the way go to our brain and affects it badly which can further cause severe problems and lastly the end. But that doesn’t happen if they are just used for knowledge and other facilities, not addiction & playing games.

We often fear the ghost or phantoms that are imaginary but mobile are such type of ghosts which slowly kills your emotions and then you.

Don’t think of mobile as best friends,
They’re terrible enemies!

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