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Image depicting Book Review: All Creatures Great And Small by Ruskin Bond

All Creatures Great And Small by Ruskin Bond


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Journey with Ruskin Bond: A Tale of Compassion and Connection

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In “All Creatures Great and Small,” Ruskin Bond takes us into a world filled with love and care for animals. He shares stories from his childhood, especially the ones about his animal-loving grandpa. We’re diving into a story of adventure and affection. Grandpa’s house is a haven for all sorts of animals, and each one of them has a special place in his heart.

Even though Grandma is not as openly affectionate towards the animals as Grandpa, she has her moments of tenderness. Take, for example, the time she found a monkey trying to catch mice in the pantry. It’s like stumbling upon a hidden quest in a game that you didn’t know existed, revealing a side of Grandma we rarely see.

Friends from Different Worlds

Ruskin Bond introduces us to Ramu, a boy who not only teaches the narrator to swim but also becomes a cherished friend. Their friendship, transcending social boundaries, is like teaming up with a companion in a game to explore new levels. Together, they learn about the creatures living near the pond, adding layers of mystery and magic to their adventures.

Ramu is a fountain of knowledge, sharing tales and lore about the animals and gods. It’s akin to unlocking hidden lore in a game, where every piece of information adds depth to the world. The sea turtle Ramu gives to the narrator symbolizes their fleeting but impactful friendship, a treasure found in the depths of their shared experiences.

While the grandmother primarily supports Grandpa, her acceptance of the animals shows her unspoken bond with them. Her life, constrained by the presence of so many pets, is like playing a game on hard mode, where every decision has significant consequences. Yet, she finds ways to adapt and make the most of her situation.

The relationship between Grandma and Grandpa is a delicate balance of give and take. Grandpa’s love for animals sometimes overshadows Grandma’s social life, but their bond remains strong. It’s like co-op gameplay, where players must work together despite their different play styles or objectives.

Understanding and Compassion

Ruskin Bond’s story culminates in a powerful message of compassion and understanding. The narrator’s journey with animals and friends teaches him about the deep connections that can exist between humans and animals. It’s a reminder that, in the game of life, understanding and empathy are the keys to forming lasting bonds.

The sacrifices made by both Grandma and Grandpa, for the sake of their animals and each other, highlight the depth of their commitment. Like players sacrificing their resources for the greater good in a game, they show that true companionship often requires selflessness.


In the end, “All Creatures Great and Small” leaves us with a sense of awe for the resilience of the human spirit and the bonds we share with the animal kingdom. Ruskin Bond, through his vivid storytelling, invites us to cherish these connections and reminds us of the beauty of compassion.  We come away with a sense of accomplishment and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

In this journey with Ruskin Bond, we’ve explored themes of love, friendship, and the innate bond between all creatures. Through simple tales and heartfelt connections, Bond reveals the complexity of relationships and the power of compassion.

Let’s take these lessons to heart, embracing the adventures and bonds that life offers us.

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