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Image depicting Digital Age: Performing Arts Resilience

Digital Age: Performing Arts Resilience


Recommended for Preparatory Grades

Dance is a beautiful art form where people move in a special way to express themselves. It’s like telling a story with your body. But in today’s digital age, there are some challenges that dancers face.

Let’s hear what young dancers have to say about performing after the Covid pandemic and the lessons they learned from it. They believe that the essence of the human spirit is in getting better at their craft.

Adapting and Thriving: Young Dancers Embrace the Digital Age

  • The dancers have realized that being able to adapt to new situations quickly and smartly is crucial in the rapidly changing world of fine arts. However, they also understand the importance of respecting and preserving traditional ways of dancing. They believe that everything, including dance, is made up of thoughts and responses to different situations. They also believe that the youth plays a vital role in driving the art of dance forward.

  • During the lockdown, the dancers had time to think and reflect on their growth as artists. Some of them even discovered their entrepreneurial spirit and started their own businesses. They learned valuable lessons from the ups and downs they experienced during the pandemic. They found support from their families and realized the therapeutic power of their art. It was also challenging for them to navigate through the vast amount of ideas and recommendations they found online.

  • The dancers have hope for the future and feel positive about it. They believe that the digital age has made the dance world more dynamic by increasing exposure, awareness, and accessibility. Technology has helped them become more skilled, but it has also raised concerns about privacy and the risk of mediocrity. They have embraced the digital medium and understand its importance in reaching a wider audience and connecting with people from different places.

  • Some dancers have started initiatives like “The Study Room” and the RootEd Foundation, which focus on learning and expanding artistic audiences. They believe that even though the digital medium will never replace face-to-face interactions, it will continue to be a significant part of their lives. They have learned to balance their personal and professional spaces in the digital world.

  • The young dancers have shown great resilience and determination to overcome the challenges brought by the digital age. They have learned important lessons about adaptability, self-reflection, and the power of art. They believe that the human spirit continues to thrive and grow, even in the face of difficult times. By embracing technology while respecting tradition, they are paving the way for a bright future in the art of dance.

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