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Image depicting Temple Treasures Uncovered in Odisha!

Temple Treasures Uncovered in Odisha!


Recommended for Preparatory Grades

The researchers of the Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage discovered the archaeological remains of a temple. Further, the ruins were discovered near a railway station in Jaipur’s district.

Firstly, researchers found parts of an old temple that used to be very big. Even though it is broken now, they can still see the base of the temple and some very big rocks and pretty carvings.  Secondly, they also found a special pot that is important to the Hindu religion.

Interestingly, researchers claim that the place where they were exploring used to be ruled by important families a long time ago.

Key facts!

  • Archaeologists found the remains of an ancient temple in Odisha, India.
  • The temple was built a long time ago, maybe in the 13th-15th century when a powerful family called Eastern Ganga Dynasty ruled the area.
  • Further, the temple is in ruins now, but the researchers found big blocks of stone and carvings that show how beautiful it once was.
  • People who lived in the area built many temples a long time ago, and this temple was one of them.
  • What’s really interesting is that the temple ruins were discovered by a local man who saw them when the bushes were cleared for the railway.

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