My Expressions

Date : 3 March 2021

  • Young Voice

Our universe is a part of a unique and strange pattern of a collection of space theories. We are not sure how the universe actually started but a lot of theories do state that our universe was first not so far from the others.

At first, the gravitational force didn’t cause any disruption and patterns and at that time its also stated that there might be a singularity which is in reference to the general relativity and big bang theorem.

This brings a lot of question as like how did the gravitation energy get change, can the gravitation energy be a reason why a third party cant get inside something easily which has an electric field and etc. Scientists and researchers are to date trying to find out about it step by step and they are doing an excellent job but it might sure take us years to understand the whole universe but that doesn’t mean we can’t.

Humans have always made impossible to a concept which states┬á “Impossible is something I cant find in my dictionary ” this positive behavior has helped us find and develop a lot of things and positively it can be stated that scientists can prove theories into fact and soon we will know the truth.




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