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Image depicting Gender Disparity in Schools:Unlearning Archaic Thinking

Gender Disparity in Schools:Unlearning Archaic Thinking

Image depicting Gender Disparity in Schools:Unlearning Archaic Thinking

I have absolutely no idea when people felt the need to ‘be’ superior to those different from them. We persecute our brethren for the silliest things you can possibly imagine-the colour of their skin, the way they choose to live their life, the way they were born. It has somehow been ingrained into social philosophy that these differences determine others’ entire worth. In our country, internalised sexism has been implanted in our minds since the moment we were born.

School’s Role in Perpetuating Sexism

The small things effect the pre-cognitions that build our character and morals for a lifetime. It’s next to impossible to change these beliefs once they’re there. Our schools are where we spent a majority of our childhood. What teachers tell us can drastically affect us, for better or worse.

One thing that teachers enforce on impressionable youth is that the boys can do normal push ups while the girl are only able to do ” modified” push ups. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a “push-up” with your knees planted on the ground. That’s what teachers from grade 1 to 12, constantly remind our students in every physical education class.

I understand telling all the younger children to do it modified, maybe even the students who are not able to. This only enforces more absurd gender roles on our youth, whom we are supposed to teach beyond the shackles of archaic thinking.

Impact on Self-Worth and Gender Roles

The humiliation young girls feel when they are told by their mentors, that this is all they are capable of, can daunt them forever. It even enforces the notion in young boys that they aren’t “masculine” for the most trivial reasons, putting down their entire self-worth.

This small change in our teaching, can be ground-breaking. Why are we shackling our kids with the flawed notions that rule the way our society is run? Why are we forcing our kids to continue this fallacious heritage?!

A Small Change, A Big Impact

These small changes can be part of the solution to domestic violence, the ludicrous wage gap, unwarranted gender roles and sadly an infinite amount of other issues both men and women are forced to face because of this plague called sexism.

We, in the Ministry Of Education, have the power to make this small change that can eventually ,in the future, eradicate this virus. It’s a butterfly effect that we can set into motion right now, to save the future.

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Jiya Elizabeth Jikku

10, The Choice School, Kochi, Kochi, Kerala

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