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Image depicting Autobiography of a Mobile Phone

Autobiography of a Mobile Phone: Beep, Beep, Click

Image depicting Autobiography of a Mobile Phone

A Most Unusual Confidant: The Tale of a Red iPhone

Like any of us, I have a place of birth – a vast and gleaming factory far across the seas in a land called Australia. It was there that they named me iPhone 12 and gave me a fine coat of red, my most striking feature. My insides, I dare say, are remarkable, holding a world of tiny programs and clever mechanisms. After all, what good is a phone that cannot make a call?

A flash, a beep, a whispered word,
Across the miles, a voice is heard.
More than wires, and glass so bright,
In my small heart, a world takes flight.

Mobile Phone Musings: From Shiny Shelves to a Lady’s Palm

The factory, though bustling, could not compare to my first true home: a warmly lit electronics store. There, perched upon my polished stand, I observed the curious parade of humans. Each seemed to have a different glint in their eye as they examined us phones.

My destiny arrived in the form of a lady who seemed to dance rather than walk. Perhaps it was my color that caught her eye – red, you see, has always been favored by the bold. She took me home, her fingers light and gentle as a butterfly.

A Phone’s Perspective

Life with my first owner was a flurry of beeps, flashes, and the gentle warmth of being held. I saw the world through my camera eye, shared messages with invisible friends far away, even guided her as she navigated those peculiar digital maps. Nights were peaceful, filled with the soft hum of recharging. My life, even as a simple phone, was good. And then…

In my metal case so sleek,
The weight of human lives I keep.
A photo shared, a tearful plea,
Connection flows, through tiny me.

When the World Changed

The days of the strange virus were hard for everyone, even us phones. The lady, with a look of such seriousness that I had never seen before, handed me to her young son. His hands were smaller and clumsier, to be sure, but his eyes! They sparkled with the same excitement I had seen in hers.

Knowledge filled my speakers as lessons crackled over something called ‘WebEx’, and with the help of a cheerful blue-toothed companion, I became this boy’s window to learning. Even those online games, so full of noise and flashing lights, were more than mere entertainment in those strange times – they were the laughter that kept us all from sinking too far.

Laughter rings, though miles apart,
A pixel smile warms a lonely heart.
When darkness falls and shadows loom,
Through tiny screens, friendships bloom.

Mobile Phone Marvels: Laughter, Learning, and a Life Well-Lived

The life of a mobile phone is never dull, and that has proven true for me. Yet, whether nestled in a lady’s purse or a schoolboy’s pocket, my purpose remains the same.

To connect, to inform, to entertain. In a world as grand and puzzling as ours, a simple iPhone can make the greatest of differences. And for that, I am most grateful.

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Kindergarten, THE NEW TOWN SCHOOL, Kolkata, West Bengal

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