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Image depicting Autobiography of a Ten-Rupee Coin

Autobiography of a Ten-Rupee Coin

Image depicting Autobiography of a Ten-Rupee Coin

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I am a ten-rupee coin. I am designed with the number ten written on the front and the Indian Emblem is on the back. I am made of gold and silver-colored metal.

Chronicles of a Ten-Rupee Coin

A lot of other coins and I were made two months ago in the Indian Government’s Mint in Alipore. From there we were sent to the Reserve Bank of India, and then to the HDFC Bank. We all made friends and could see a lot of people coming in and out of the building.

Soon, a shopkeeper who needed some money for his business came to the bank and picked me and a few of my friends, and we had a new owner. He kept us in his drawer, and we could not wait to get out and look at the world again.

Finally, a nutritionist came to the shop to buy some fruits and the shopkeeper gave me a chance. When he got back in the car, he needed to give some money for parking. I, a Ten-Rupee Coin, was handed over to the parking man and was kept in his red pouch, and I made new friends.

For some time, I was kept in his pouch until a businessman came to his car, and needed to pay some money for parking. I was given as change, and the businessman kept me in his pocket. However, the businessman accidentally dropped me on the road, and I felt very scared. The cars were moving over my head and trucks were about to hit me with their huge wheels.

Ten-Rupee Coin’s Redemption

For a long time, I, a Ten-Rupee Coin, lay on the streets until a five-year-old boy who was crossing the street with his mother noticed me. They finally picked me, and the boy gave me to a hungry beggar on the street. The beggar bought an entire loaf of bread from a tea shop using me and it was value for money. It was easy on the pocket for the beggar and I was very happy that I was put up for good use. I could see how the hungry beggar happily ate the bread.

Now, I am in the jar of a shopkeeper in a teashop and have made friends with a lot of other notes and coins. I am happy with my life and am hoping to change even more hands in the future.

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