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Best Out of Waste

One day, as I woke up late on a lazy Sunday morning I saw my parents hard at work. I was not at all surprised as Sunday was known as the much dreaded ‘Cleaning Day’ in my house. After idling around for a while, I started helping my parents. Today we were supposed to clear out all the junk CDs, DVDs and files. Just as we finished this, and my parents were about to throw it away, I stopped my parents. I had got a brainwave.

I sat down with 5 CDs, dry flowers, decorative materials, scissors and glue. I was going to make the idol of Lord Ganesha.He himself must have given me this idea. So, the journey began. First, I thought, whether I should make the whole idol or only the face. As it was already late evening, (and I was pretty tired ) I only decided to make the face. First, I stuck three CDs one on top of the other to carve it properly. On the topmost CD, I drew his eyes. Then, I cut another CD into half and used each half for his gigantic ears. Finally, last but not least I cut another CD in half and used one of it for his trunk. He was then adorned with decorative materials everywhere. After that, I stuck this onto a sheet of paper. Then, I stuck dried flowers on either side of him. My Ganesha was complete!

I really enjoyed making this model of Ganesha and relished every single moment. I hope that my example has influenced you to do this easy but gorgeous piece of artwork. Till then, Adios.


Shreyansh Jha

6, Campion, Mumbai, Maharashtra