My Expressions

Date : 1 October 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Mehak Bobby

The great son of India, the people around the world know him as

“Mahatma Gandhi”.

He dared to challenge British with his Satyagraha’s principles
He is the reason behind our freedom,

He is the inspiration of us and future generations.

I sometimes feel that there is a Gandhi in everyone,  
anyone who practices
before preaching, who never quit when faced with challenges.

Echos of his principles are in every students’ voice,
he is present in every teacher’s advice.

May we all feel his presence in our deeds,
and always remember his teachings of ahimsa and peace.


Mehak Bobby

9, Rani Chennamma Rajkiya Sarvodya Vidalaya, D Block, Jahangirpuri, New Delhi, Delhi

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