My Expressions

Date : 22 February 2021

  • Young Voice

One of the most major issues in our world is deforestation. What will a world be without any trees? How will we able to breathe? Due to deforestation, there are many issues.

With only a few trees natural disasters would occur. The deforestations are done mainly for construction sites because of that there is pollution and that causes holes in the ozone layer and the trees would help to prevent it. The woods are home to many animals so when we cut the trees, we are actually demolishing their house.

Due to deforestation, there is a lot of climate change happening and therefore many people get sick and some lose their lives. To change these causes we all just need to do small things. One of them is to plant small saplings, water them every day and give them space to grow and after some years a tree would be formed. That tree would benefit the whole world especially the one who is planting it.

The one who plants the tree would get fresher oxygen, we also get fruits from it, in the water cycle water is formed also because of trees. We could also save trees by doing lesser deforestations or reducing pollution. We can also make a tree stand that is destroyed during a cyclone or any other natural disaster.

By planting a small sapling, we could change the world. If trees wouldn’t be there, we would obviously die as we will not get food or any oxygen even water. So, by planting a sapling the world could be healthier.




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