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As we find ourselves filled with boredom,
And much more filled with curiosity,
We send ourselves into the world of wonder,
To find more about reality.

As we observe, as we wonder,
We grow better and better.
And we start to rationalize everything,
We become the universe’s learners.

This world is gorgeous and fascinating,
And so is the ability to comprehend it.
We go out on a journey to learn,
And improve our quick wit.

We wonder about our universe,
And learn about it, to only realize,
How less we know of the universe,
And we set off with strength make ourselves wise

We wonder about our mind,
And when we die, where do we go?
We discovered and learned philosophy,
Like how outcomes, we don’t have power over,
And how we should go with the universe’s flow.

We learn more and more,
And our curiosity never ends.
No matter how confusing things get,
Our curiosity will still attend,
And we shall always want to know what will have happened.

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