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Life in Lockdown

Never thought a small body we can’t even see would lead to threatening the lives of the entire population of the world.

Coronavirus has completely altered our lifestyles and has got us all quarantined.

From a positive perspective, it isn’t that bad as we finally got sufficient time to do what we’ve always wished for, be it spending time with family, doing something that makes us feel alive to much more. Which is probably a plus point for people who are socially awkward.

Well, it can also be stressful at times as we can’t go out anymore, can’t go to schools, offices, can’t meet friends, people dying of hunger, daily wage workers not getting labor which leads to a financial crisis, etc.

The World Being under lockdown has led to several new ways to manage school and work almost at our fingertips, but it also comes with various threats to our personal data. The internet has made online communication simple and easy but with the advancements in the internet, there have been advances in cybercrimes as well.

Such threats are mostly seen to downgrade the economy of a country, to hack an individual’s personal data, attack on banking security, transaction system, etc. In today’s world, cybersecurity is extremely essential because cybersecurity threats are extremely dangerous to an individual.

For data protection, many companies have developed software that protects our data. Thus, it is important to make sure your data is well protected. Changing your passwords at a regular interval of time, or enabling two-factor authentication to add some extra security to your logins, helps in securing your data.

However, not only cybersecurity but also health is an important issue especially this year. Nowadays being quarantined we must also exercise regularly and eat healthily. We all have heard the saying ”prevention is better than cure” so Stay safe, stay home, and stay happy.


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Sania Alam

Grade 12, India International School , MANGAF, Kuwait

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