My Expressions

Date : 5 August 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Neha Vivek

One day little Bino was walking in a flower garden during the spring season.

Libo goes for a walk

He was tired. So he rested on a rock.
Then he felt hungry. Bino saw a bone under a rock.

Sees bone under a rock

It was a big rock. Little Bino tried hard to pull the bone out. But he couldn’t pull it out. So little Bino went home sadly.

Sad Libo

But he didn’t give up. The next day he returned to the same place and tried to pull out the bone.

This time he pulled it out with all his power and he was successful. Little Bino went home happily with his bone and shared it with his family.

Successful Libo

The moral of the story is β€œWe should never give up easily in our life”.


Neha Vivek

Grade 1, The Choice School, Kochi