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As part of our Foreign language series, Disha Mukherjee of Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon is writing articles and stories in French for our Curious Community every week! 
There is a link to the English version of the story at the end of the page. So enjoy and send us your feedback!

Sahil, Rupam et Priya sont (are) des amis (friends). Ils parlent  (are talking) de leurs (their) loisirs (hobbies).

Priya: Bonjour!

Rupam: Salut mes amis! Comment vas-tu?

Sahil: Bien! (Good)

Priya: Et toi, Rupam?

Rupam: Moi aussi (me too) ! 

Sahil: J’aime ( I like)  jouer au football (play football) . Je joue avec (with) mes amis chaque (every) soir (evening).

Priya: C’est sympa! (That’s nice)

Sahil: Je regarde (watch) des matchs (matches) de football à la télévision (television) avec  mon père (father). Mon joueur favori (favourite player) est (is) Ronaldo.

Rupam: J’aime danser (dance). Ma mère (mother) est danseuse (dancer).

Sahil: Wow! 

Priya: Je chante (sing) et écris (write) des chansons (songs). 

Rupam: Comme (like) la chanteuse française (french singer) Céline Dion?

Priya: Oui! Ses chansons sont belles (lovely).

Sahil: Allons chez moi (let’s go to my house) et écoutons ses chansons!

Rupam and Priya: Oui! Allons-y! (Yes! Let’s go!)

Rupam, Priya et Sahil vont (go) chez Sahil (Sahil’s house) pour chanter et danser. Après(after) le déjeuner (lunch), ils regardent un match de football et ils s’amusent(enjoy themselves).


Regardez cette vidéo pour trouver un vocabulaire simple sur les loisirs.

Read the English version of the story by clicking below:

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Disha Mukherjee

12+, Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon, Haryana

Disha is a Dipsite fresh out of school and has been studying French for 7 years. She has a B2 diploma in french. She chose to study French on a whim and ended up falling in love with the language and culture (C’est la vie!) so much that she now wants to inspire young children by sharing her love of the same through her writing. Disha enjoys reading, cooking and bullet journaling in her free time.

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