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Image depicting Minni Adhikari, Primus Public School

Minni Adhikari, Primus Public School, Bangalore: Reimagining Future

Ms. Minni Adhikari, Principal, Primus Public School, Bangalore joins Curious Times to celebrate Teachers Day and shares her views on Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining Future! She is an eminent Leader and Educationist and has been inspiring students and future generation of teachers.

Read her interview and do not miss to watch her video interview with our Director Ms. Deepti Beri.

Curious Times, the leading school newspaper and children’s website is pleased to bring perspectives of Senior Educationists and teachers to our readers on Teachers Day 2022. Over the past 3 years a lot has changed in the education sector, teaching methods, curricula, use of technology, introduction of NEP 2020, emphasis on mental wellbeing of children and how schools shape careers of next the generation. We believe that the energy and enthusiasm of the leaders to adapt to these changes will help not just leading through the crisis of learning gaps but also reimagining the future of education.

Here is our conversation with Ms. Minni Adhikari, Principal, Primus Public School, Bangalore:

Curious Times: Technology has brought about a shift in the teaching and learning ecosystem. As you reimagine future, what, in your opinion, would be the role of technology and what would be the role of teachers?

Ms. Minni Adhikari: We live in an age where our day begins with technology at our fingertip, so there is absolutely no doubt about our dependency on technology. Every teacher today is using technology confidently in the classroom. We must train our students to use the right search, work in collaboration with peers from across the globe and present their ideas and research to the world through this platform.

Curious Times: NEP 2020 puts a lot of emphasis on skilling and co-curricular activities. How will this have a positive impact on learning outcomes in the future?

Ms. Minni Adhikari: This is a much-needed move by NEP. When we have students graduate from schools and colleges entering the industry we will have a skilled work force, who will be fully equipped with functional knowledge.

Curious Times: What role can schools play in making students reach their potential careers?

Ms. Minni Adhikari: Give industry exposure, encourage students to take up internship programs at school and college levels. Getting hands on experience, creating their own design solutions will prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Curious Times: The pressures in the 21st century are different from earlier times. What will be the role of schools and teachers in mental wellbeing of students going forward?

Ms. Minni Adhikari: Communication is the key to a healthy and happy relation. Teachers, parents and students must have an open and health forum for discussions. Teachers and students in schools must have quality circle time. Mentorship programs run by their teachers who can connect and establish a good rapport with their students.
Schools must have counsellor who can frequently talk to students about happiness and mental wellbeing.

Curious Times: As you reimagine the future, how can schools become inclusive and accommodate students from all ethnicities or with different abilities?

Ms. Minni Adhikari: We live in a well-connected world today. Everybody should be taught to be sensitive and respectful to people from different ethnicity or differently abled peers. And these values can be taught easily in our classrooms. Students are highly adaptable; we must give them the right exposure at the right time.

Image depicting Ms. Minni Adhikari with faculty and students
Ms. Minni Adhikari with faculty and students – Primus Public School

Curious Times: Schools prepare children for higher education. Should competitive exams have a different curriculum than schools?
Coaching classes and ed-tech companies have been supplementing the school education. What do you think should be their role?

Ms. Minni Adhikari: We need sharp, confident scholars to make new inventions / innovations, create sustainable designs for which competitive exams prepare students to excel and give their best in a field they want to pursue their career in. For this our school curriculum and the selection process should be in the same line. Some of the Ed-tech solutions and coaching classes give rich content to the students this helps them excel in their higher studies. However, this should be done mindfully. It should not be imposed on every child. This is only an additional supplement. Schools and families must support and help the child in finding his/her passion and excel in doing this well.

We the teachers must empower our students to become independent, confident young individuals who can lead the world to a better place.

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