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Date : 15 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Mohit Mukul Mohanty

I am Mohit Mukul Mohanty from Delhi Public School, Sonepat.
I have written a poem, which is based on a mother’s feelings towards her child.

Each time I shout at you to grow; 
My heart says, No! Never be so…   
How I wanna you nibble my cheek
Even when I cry, ‘Are you sick? ‘       

Each time you come close snuggling
I strangely feel like re-lactating!! 
It seems like yesterday when the
first time I saw;
You, my baby, with a tremendous 
feeling of awe…

I am gonna miss all those
sweet moments 
Your burp, your giggle                       
and even your torments
Those sleepless nights by                             
just staring, 
At the sweetest face to the                         
sound of snoring!! 

Your hug, your kiss and your                   
sweet tantrums
My darling without these,                           
I will be frozen… 

No, my baby don’t ever                               
grow so much, 
That you will be beyond mamma’s

Oh, dear Lord, do I sound selfish?
Cause I’m just being foolish


Mohit Mukul Mohanty

Grade 7, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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