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My favourite bird, Eagle!!

Today I want to say about my favourite bird, called the Eagle. Eagles are large and powerful birds of prey.

The bird has big hooked beaks for eating flesh and excellent eyesight to catch its food. The king of all birds is found in Africa and Eurasia. They are generally seen in open areas, cities and old high-rise towers. There are almost 60 different types of eagles. African eagles have a crown on their head. It is white and dark brown in colour. Some golden eagles can hunt foxes, wild cats and even fledgling deer and goats.
Female eagles lay between 1-4 eggs at a time. Eagles build their nests in high cliffs, tall trees and steep top buildings. They have huge wings and strong sharped claws in their feet to hold their prey tightly. When eagles hunt in groups, they catch their food easily.
What I like the most is that they soar high up in the open sky and teach us to be strong like them.


Atharva Agarwal

1, La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata , West Bengal