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My Rainbow I see

I see violet in grapes,
Its sweet and sour in taste.
I see Indigo in Ink,
Which is not matching with pink,
I see a Blue sky,
Where so many birds fly,
I see a Green leaf,
Where a caterpillar nicely sleeps,
I see a Yellow lemon,
Which is good to have in every season.
I see an orange Pumpkin,
Which is a National vegetable of the Country I stay in,
I see a Red cherry,
That makes my Christmas so merry.
I see a rainbow every day,
In all the things I learn and play,
Each color so lovely and bright,
So real and pretty for sight.
I make my own rainbow,
Without waiting for the sky to show.

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Sidharth Sreeresh

1, The Choice School, Thiruvalla, Alleppey, Kerala

Comments: 1
  1. k_curious1 says:

    Wow so beautiful. Hey Sir what’s your name. I love to see hear and watch curious times.

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