My Expressions

Date : 25 February 2021

  • Young Voice

Deep in the forest, a duck family lived by the lake. Soon, mother duck gave birth to six little duckling. When the youngest duckling, Pebble, was just about a month old, her mother was eaten by a crocodile while she was swimming in the lake. This incident left a deep impression on little Pebble’s mind and she developed a deep fear of stepping into water.

Her brothers and sisters mocked and made fun of her all the time, her father tried all ways to get her to swim but failed. No matter what her brothers and sisters said, she would refuse to swim in the lake. Her father also told her it is completely safe to jump and nothing would happen to her. Finally, her brothers and sisters gave up and instead they started mocking her. Pebble made friends with the land animals like the rabbits and the squirrels and would spend most of the days with them. As she was sitting near the lake, waiting for her brothers and sisters to come to the shore, she made friends with a small fish. One day, as she was chatting with the fish an enormous pufferfish was darting towards the tiny fish and without thinking even once Pebble jumped into the lake.

The loud noise scared the big fish and it went away. All of Pebble’s brothers and sisters were astonished and she wasn’t scared anymore and to swim. The fish thanked her later for saving its life.




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