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People with Selfless as their Middle Name

You step inside a building, the boundaries not well defined,
You step inside a world, filled with power, love, and warmth
They stand in front, with arms wide open,
Narrating the tales of Cinderalla and Mermaid, reiterating the Alphabet song,
Each time you ask them “Ma’am what is 2+2?”
They answer even more happily, knowing you learn from them.

As years pass and time goes by, now you forget the Alphabet song,
As the years pass by, your life is filled with the years of battles and various chemical formulae,
They still stand supportive, wanting to make you learn,
They still stand courageous, wanting to make you smile,
Until the end, in times when you are failing,
Taking your hand, they remind you of the power you behold.

How strong are they, to return to the life of early morning chaos,
After living behind the tables, they return to stand in front,
But with every step that they take, every little writing format that they teach,
They inspire countless, many, and forget to think of their own,
For all that they want, as selfless as they are,
All that they want, is to love all their students as they are.

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