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Ragni, Silver Oaks, Hyderabad, message on Teachers’ Day

Ms. Ragni, Language Coordinator, Silver Oaks international School Hyderabad, shares her views on the occasion of Teachers’ Day 2022 on Curious Times.

Curious Times, the leading school newspaper and children’s website is pleased to bring perspectives of Teachers and Educationists to our readers on Teachers Day 2022. Over the past 3 years a lot has changed in the education sector, teaching methods, curricula, use of technology, introduction of NEP 2020, emphasis on mental wellbeing of children and how schools shape careers of next the generation. We believe that the energy and enthusiasm of the leaders to adapt to these changes will help not just leading through the crisis of learning gaps but also reimagining the future of education.

Ms. Ragni, Language Coordinator, Silver Oaks international School Hyderabad shares her views on important topics:

Technology can be used to guide children to use this in constructive way and and accept the technology with openmindness and thoughtfulness. I appreciate NEP 2020 as it gives a practical approach of using all the skills in their daily life. Educators need to have trust that every individual is unique and always being supportive. Being a good listener without judging them and be the torch bearer to show them the correct path to lead their life without fear and pride.

It is important to make the children aware of the pros and cons of technology. We have to guide them not to be influenced and get carried away with unethical practices. We have to invest in building their character and then the competencies.

India is a country with diversity and harmony. We educators already do this practice this by educating children from different societies and cultures. Teaching them the empathy and acceptance will bring it further and easier to adapt this.

Preparing the students with character and competence will make them better. Motivating and guiding them too will build the child to carry on further in any stream or any exam.

Requesting all educators to just be there for the students. And not judging them for everything.

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