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Date : 6 May 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Aaniya Dahiya

As humans, we expect others to respect us as a being, or our privacy. But are we surely aware of what it is composed of? This word floats around us in our daily interactions.

Conversations may include phrases like “You should respect your elders and seniors and even your peers.” or “I respect it, man.” We may even use it without actually realising. And that is what brings up my question for you today. What is respect? And when do you use it?

To answer the question of its usage is easy to answer. People most likely use it with people they adore or the ones that deserve it like your good friends or family members. At times as a duty like with your boss or teacher. Respecting your idols and people who have achieved worth during their lifetime is as important.

Respect makes everyone feel good and worthy but too much of it may take a bad turn by causing over-confidence. That’s why you need to think hard before respecting or disrespecting one kind. 

To a few people, it may be referred to as people using honorifics like “Sir” or “Ma’am”. While to the other it may be when others accept their interests or likings.

According to the data, people have different opinions about respect. Therefore it is quite impossible to define respect. Everyone’s idea of respect is different. What one needs to do is figure out their idea of respect so it makes things easier. And respect others according to their personas.

If one is arrogant, they most likely expect appreciation and honorifics. If one is sentimental, they want acceptance and agreement. It is pretty clear after spending some time with them and realising their true personality.

If only people understood, they could ignore any kind of conflict. Everyone has an ego, small or big. For things to go smoothly their needs to be a mutual understanding about things like respect. So give yourself a few minutes and figure out for yourself.

So, what is Respect for YOU?


Aaniya Dahiya

Grade 8, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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