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Ms. Smriti Peters Ramisetty, Headmistress, Calorx Public School, Ghatlodia pens a poem for readers of curious Times. Here is her message:

“In this poem I have tried to capture some of the ups and downs of isolation. Yes, it is difficult at times but I think positive things can come out of this. I am so proud to be part of a nation of people who have come together so valiantly in this time of crisis, and I wanted to pay tribute to them in this poem.

We are all sacrificing so much, but none more so than the people who are working round the clock to keep us safe. I am immensely lucky to be isolating with a loving family and to have some  free time amidst work from home – to explore my creativity. 

I am overwhelmed by the positive attitude I have had from friends, colleagues and family. Remote teaching can be challenging at times, but the support from my colleagues has been exceptional, and the students have approached this time with cheerful resilience”

Ms. Smriti Peters Ramisetty, Headmistress,

The school syllabus will have one more addition, 

So, stop hoping for reworking on Exam Syllabus through subtraction.

The history periods will talk of now,

Of the time when world stood still.

When each family and members stayed at home,

Waved out to Neighbors from window glasses.

To those whom they loved but could not hold,

Because they loved them much so.

Yet, whilst they did they noticed all the buds and leaves start to grow,

The sun came out, they can recall, And fields, cloud and rays filled.

They kicked a football in their yards or board and card games in their rooms, 

Until the darkness engulfed in.

They walked and loved each day but in isolation

That time the world stood still!

When people walked quietly down the roads,

That once the honking & speeding vehicles did fill.

They saw that people became ill,

They knew the world was anxious, nervous and frightened.

But whilst the world stood still they saw, How much the whole world cared.

They clapped on Thursdays from their balconies,

They cheered for the brave helpers of the community.

For people who would risk their lives, So others could be saved.

They lighted diya and candles and also did floral rain, 

For the people who loved the community more than their own sane.

The schools closed down, 

they missed their friends’ row,

They missed their teachers so.

While the world stood still,

 the teachers continued to spread magic via online classes,

They helped their minds to grow into masses. 

The Moms and Dads at home helped with their work, 

They helped in cooling down the isolation, anxiety and bringing bliss of solitude spork. 

The parents used to worry that,

As schools were put on hold,

Their children wouldn’t have the tools,

They’d need as they grew old.

But textbooks will talk of them, 

Now adults, fully grown.

Those little boys and girls back then,

The ones who stayed at home.

They’ll tell you that they fixed this world,

Of all they would fulfill.

The curious children building hopes,

They’d dreamed whilst time in the world stood still.

Dear Curious Readers, Hope you like it and hope it brings the much-needed positivity.


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Smriti Peters Ramisetty

Headmistress, Calorx Public School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Smriti (Peters) Ramisetty is the Headmistress at Calorx Public School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is rendering her service in the field of Education for the last 14 years at various Academic and Administrative capacities.

A passionate teacher at day and a part-time thinker & blogger at night. She loves being with kids, reading a lot of books and a bit of mental and physical fitness activities. She takes pride in having her students all over the world and feels privileged to be servicing society through education.

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