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Image depicting The Magical Rose Flower Princess

The Magical Rose Flower Princess

Image depicting The Magical Rose Flower Princess

Once upon a time an ogre captured a princess and a rose and locked them up in a dungeon. The princess was so lonely that she started talking to the rose. Then to her amazement, the rose talked back. The princess asked the rose “How can I hear and understand you?”, the rose replied “It is because you are the most powerful rose princess. “What does that mean? ”she asked. The rose replied, “It means you have all the power of flowers.”

Back in the kingdom, the king was worried about his daughter. Just then three men came to the king and asked at the same time “Your Majesty if we rescue your daughter will you give us gold your daughter’s hand in marriage.”The king replied, “But first tell me your intent.”

The first man said I am always kind, the second man said I am sometimes kind, the third man said I am never kind. So hearing this the king said to the second and third men to help the first man. The first man was called John.So john set out with his friends and rescued the princess from the ogre. John didn’t take the gold from the king because he fell in love with the princess. They got married.

One day the princess told John that she is the flower princess. John was surprised. The princess used her powers to turn the entire kingdom green. She decorates it with flowers and gives it a new style. Suddenly her senses start tingling and she senses that one part of the jungle is not green and so all the animals there are about to die. So she used her powers once again. As she was doing so she saw a golden egg. She took it to the palace.

John and the princess built a beautiful nest for the egg. The princess knew that the egg was of a rare dragon. She went to the market to get the food for the dragon but because very, very few people had dragons for pets it was very hard to find dragon food. The princess and John were protected and finally, the egg hatched and out came a magical special dragon. As the dragon grew it protected the kingdom from danger. It was the most beautiful kingdom in the world. The princess and John lived happily ever after in it.

-Gayathri Subash
Grade 2B

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    Great write-up.

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