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Image depicting Evil, devil

The real devil

Image depicting Evil, devil

The world has seen frightening creatures infinite
But one is a civilized wild
One far evil than the big bull-headed devil of great height
It is one not so mild

Do you know it’s identity?
It’s the human of this world
Yes, it is so from time infinity
The reason have you heard?

I tell you what devilish thing it has done
It has destroyed it’s home- our Earth
It calls it out of fun
But the victim is of utmost worth

With the weapons of pollution
The monstrous being is choking the nature
The ever increasing car’s commotion
Is what it calls a good feature

Still don’t believe?
All consequences are for wildlife too
They are striving to live
Whom should they complain to?

But one fact it forgets
Whatever it did, cruelly
It will surely regret
And that time won’t be for it to flee

The extra-dimensional, powerful
Being in the stories
Is much more merciful
Than this fierce being from realities

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