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Adventures Of Rosie (an original fiction):- Ch 4.2

Adventures Of Rosie

My eyes suddenly spotted those 2 girls who were whispering about me. Why should they be in my class?
They are glaring at me like I am their long-time enemy. What an attitude! I saw a table empty in the back at the corner so, I slowly paced up toward it. Unfortunately, those 2 girls were sitting in front of my table. One of them even tried to put her leg on my way so, that I would trip. But, instead of tripping, I stepped on her leg while she gave me a death glare. I can do anything that doesn’t require talking but, what if they start verbally bullying? I will have no dare left to speak up. I quietly sat down. As the class was almost to end, the girl in front of me gave me a piece of paper. Does she want to talk to me? I am sure it would be something offensive. I opened the paper and it read:
‘Hey! There Rosie Posie. What a nice name right? Well, it suits your face entirely. Doesn’t it? Of course, it does match up with your hilariously stupid face. Anyways, I am Clara and the girl in front of me is Giselle, my bestie. And I warn you to not talk back! Giselle’s dad is the principal of this school. You may get expelled, my dear. And I make you pay for stepping on my foot. Remember to meet us near outside the GYM room at lunch or you’ll face the consequences.’
She called me ‘Rosie Posie’? My title of ‘Rose Plant’ given by Joyce was more than enough for me. Now I have to deal with this as well. She even said that my face looked hilariously stupid. This girl is so mean. Being the school principal’s daughter’s friend is good but that attitude is too much. Ugh…. I am really feeling pissed off and mad right now but I am also feeling afraid of what they are going to do to me.
After 4 classes came lunchtime. Anxiety is rushing through my blood like metro trains. Should I go or not?


Adventures Of Rosie

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Sanchita Behera

6, RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Bengaluru, Karnataka