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My 5 New Year Resolutions!

Arnav sent his new resolutions to Curious Times ahead of the start of the New Year 2020!

The New Year is just around the corner and I would be sure to make some resolutions, you might be wondering what they would be? Here’s five of them –

  • I am going to exercise more –Exercising is a fun task which makes us fit . I will always remember to exercise daily for at least an hour. Being fit and healthy is an important thing in life. By exercising daily I will not only keep myself fit but I will be less lazy and happier than I was before. This would affect my personality in a positive manner too.
  • I would learn new things –I would be eager to learn new things. Doing the same thing I have mastered gets a little boring. By learning new things I can have knowledge about different matters and that helps in different ways.
  • Adopt a “green” lifestyle –By saving electricity, water, and food and planting trees I would help the environment as well as the future generations.
  • Meditate every day-Meditation would make me and my mind calm and I will get better results.
  • Eat good and healthy food-Eating good and healthy food will prevent diseases, keep me fit and other things too.

Thanks, Arnav, we believe that you will lead the way to many many changes.
Curious Times Team


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Arnav Yadav

7, Amity International School, Sector 46, Gurgaon, Haryana

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