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Autobiography Of An Aircraft

Birth and Early Days

I was born in 2014 in a vast hangar located in India. Surrounded by tools, machines, and engineers, my body was meticulously assembled. As an aircraft, I am composed mainly of metal, my structure is designed for strength and aerodynamics. I have a single engine that’s my heart and two wings that are my limbs, allowing me to soar through the skies.

My First Flight Test

One brisk morning, not long after my assembly was complete, I was taken to an airport. A pilot climbed into my cockpit to assess if I was fit to fly. As he pulled on my brakes, I began to roll forward on my wheels, feeling the excitement and anticipation in every nut and bolt. Within minutes, my wheels left the ground, and I was airborne. It was an indescribable feeling, and I passed the test with flying colors.

My Life Above the Ocean

When I fly high above the ocean, I take a moment to look down and catch a glimpse of my reflection shimmering on the water below. It’s in those moments that I feel like a bird—free, unbounded, and graceful. The sky is my playground, and the ocean is my mirror.

The Inner World

Though I may look sleek and compact from the outside, I am spacious on the inside. With rows of seats, I can carry a large number of passengers comfortably. My flight attendants are kind and considerate, ensuring that everyone aboard has a pleasant journey. The cockpit, my brain, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that helps in navigating and maintaining a smooth flight.

My Regular Routes

My typical day involves short trips between Kolkata and Mumbai, a journey that takes me about two hours. Occasionally, I get to explore other parts of India, a land rich in diversity and culture. I find it exciting to be a part of so many people’s lives, helping them reach their destinations for various purposes, be it business, leisure, medical needs, or educational pursuits. Life as an aircraft seems fullfilling.

Above the Clouds

What always amazes me is my ability to fly at incredible speeds and at elevations high above the clouds. Up there, the world seems so small and yet so infinitely vast. It’s a feeling of power and humility all at once.

Rest and Reflection

After each flight, I return to my home—the hangar—for some much-needed rest and maintenance. It’s my sanctuary, a place where I rejuvenate and prepare for my next adventure.

Loving My Aerial Life

As an aircraft, I take pride in my work, ensuring that every flight is safe and comfortable for my passengers. In my own mechanical way, I feel a sense of accomplishment and joy. Life as an aircraft is fulfilling, and I look forward to the many more journeys that lie ahead.

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