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Date : 9 November 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Robin Gupta

Have you ever wondered,

“Why your gaming account /online accounts get hacked?”

“Do you think your account is safe?”

5 Points you should always Remember

  1. After logging in to your G-mail account you should alwaysLOG OUT in the end.
  2. NEVER share Your password with your friends or on Social Media.
  3. DON’T write your password on a Piece of paper.
  4. NEVER take a picture of where you are or text where you are going to go on the Media.
  5. Always keep a password that is hard to GUESS and easy for you to remember.

The Why’s of doing all this

  1. Somebody might hack into your account and send false E-Mails.
  2. They might log in to your account and play with it.
  3. People might find the piece of paper with your passwords and log in to your computer.
  4. People will track you to the location and Attack you.
  5. A strong password is always good to keep away hackers from your account.

Do you think your passwords to all your accounts are safe enough? If not change it today! NOW!


Robin Gupta

6, Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad, Telangana

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