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Image depicting Should Zoos Exist? The Debate about Animal Captivity

Should Zoos Exist? The Debate about Animal Captivity

Image depicting Should Zoos Exist? The Debate about Animal Captivity

Imagine, one day you were sitting alone, minding your business, when some individuals from a different species lock you up in a cage for others of the same species to gawk at you. You would feel exposed, with no sense of privacy. What if I told you that this is what all animals who live in zoos feel like. Many animals also feel alone and suffocated for not being in the outdoors, for not being free.

Research by psychologists show that animals in zoos often suffer from boredom, captivity, and even stress. Nothing can compare to the freedom of being in the wild. No matter how humane or reasonably sized the area would be, it would still not be home to the captured animals. Not to mention, inadequate space would impact the animals in a harmful way. Malnutrition, poor condition, debility (physical weakness), stress, or abnormal behavior patterns are all effects of little space. Upon that, the animal would feel so alone without its parents, siblings, or mate.

Animals are often separated from their families when they are taken away. To add upon that, removing a group of species from the wild or even a few from the species, the wild population of the species turns endangered. This is because of the larger difficulty to find a mate. If they mate in the zoo itself, maintaining captive breeding is extremely difficult.

Captive breeding, is however, still practiced a great amount. Baby animals bring more visitors, thus more money. With new babies born, it leads to overpopulation in the zoo. Surplus animals are sold to other zoos, circuses, and hunting facilities. On many occasions, zoos have had the cruelty to kill their surplus animals.

If we look at it from the captive animals’ perspective, even for a moment, we would see immense suffering. Not just physically but mentally. No one should have to face the burden of being held prisoner in an undefined area to them. Not us and certainly not the animals. Should these cruel, inhumane activities really be what we promote? We go on about saving the environment, completely disregarding these animals to be part of the environment. These animals shouldn’t have to live a land of uncertainty, but in a land of security.

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Sanaa Celly

9, Scottish High International, Gurugram, Haryana

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