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“We are responsible for global warming, period.”

Have you ever thought about what our Earth goes through because of us humans?

A lot! All the things that we do like using  plastic bags for carrying things, a lot of factories running in all the countries in the world to produce all the things that we need for our daily lives, us driving to work alone in a car when we know it will be better if we go to work or school with our friends and colleagues in one car but we don’t as we don’t really feel comfortable doing so and we think that it wastes time.

Is everything fine?

Well, right now we think it might be fine doing all these things daily and we are wasting time carpooling. But we don’t really realize that we are decreasing the lifespan of our beloved planet. Right now, we might be thinking that all this is fine but we need to improve and help make this planet a better one for the youth of our times.

How’s the carbon making its footprint?

All the factories that are producing the harmful substance known as smoke are destroying the ozone layer of our planet, which helps protect our planet from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. And the air in our atmosphere that contains CO2. It is more harmful warm gasses is traveling to the cold icy places like Antarctica and melting the icebergs, letting the water into the sea which is resulting in the rising of the sea levels because of which the places near the water may face terrible floods which can demolish half the world. All this is happening because of us!

What can we do to improve this?

Yes, we can improve this in many ways.

  • Concern the government for the number of factories to be decreased.
  • Encourage the people of a country to use non-plastic bags and the companies to produce paper, cloth or jute bags for their products.
  • Increase the production and use of electric cars.
  • Convince the citizens of a country to reuse everything possible instead of discarding it.


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Renée Gupta

Grade 8,
Sancta Maria International School

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  1. Swati says:

    That’s true order to extract the maximum from the nature we humans have destroyed it. Global warming is an out one of improper management and over utilization of resources. Hope we take quick and right actions.

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