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World Music Day! Let’s celebrate the festival of music.

Happy World Music Day! Music can touch your hearts even if you don’t know what language the song is in. Which music has touched your heart?

Why Music Day?

World Music Day is celebrated every year on 21 June in over 120 countries. It is celebrated to promote music and give thanks for the gift of music.

Music has the power to do just about anything. It has the ability to make you feel emotions that you may have been connected to before. Not only that, music is able to heal you during the worst of times.

On this day, people have free music concerts to celebrate. However, this year, due to the pandemic, large public gatherings may not be allowed in many places. Music channels on TV like VH1 and MTV also show special concerts on this day.

Are you a fan of music? Which is your favorite music? Do you sing songs? Do you play any musical instrument? Have you attended any music concerts?

Tell us about it. Share your stories about your favorite songs, musicians, singers, and musical instruments. We would also love to see your videos where you are singing songs, playing any musical instrument, and celebrating the day. Login into My Expressions and send your entries. All Entries will also qualify for The Creative Challenge By Curious Times and will receive the certificates and prizes under the event.

All participants will receive certificates.

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