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Image depicting Autobiography a Traffic Light

Autobiography a Traffic Light

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Light

Once upon a time, in a bustling city, a new traffic light was born. Just like a baby, it was small and needed lots of care. Its colors were bright and shiny – red, yellow, and green, twinkling like stars in the sky. This traffic light had a very important job: to make sure cars, bikes, and people could travel safely.

On its first day, the traffic light was nervous. Would it do its job right? The red light was like a stern teacher saying, “Stop!” The yellow was like a cautious cat, whispering, “Get ready.” And the green was a happy dog, barking, “Go!” It felt proud every time cars stopped and went smoothly, like dancers following its rhythm.

Soon, the traffic light made a friend – a zebra crossing. They worked together, like peanut butter and jelly. When the light turned red, the zebra crossing welcomed children crossing the street, their laughter ringing like music. The traffic light felt a warm glow in its heart, knowing it was helping keep these little ones safe.

The Challenges and Joys

One stormy night, the wind howled and rain poured like buckets. The signal light swayed, scared it might fall. But it remembered its duty. It stood strong, shining its colors, guiding the few cars braving the storm. “Even in tough times, I must shine bright,” it thought, like the hero in a bedtime story.

One day, a driver stopped by. He looked up and said, “Thank you, traffic light, for keeping us safe.” The traffic light felt its heart swell. It couldn’t talk, but if it could, it would say, “You’re welcome.” It was a simple moment, but for the traffic light, it was as big as a parade.

In spring, a little bird with feathers as blue as the sky perched on top of the signal light. The bird seemed tired, resting on its journey. The traffic light felt happy to offer a resting spot. “Rest here, little bird, as I watch over the crossroads,” it seemed to say. The traffic light and the bird, together, were a picture of harmony.

Growing Old and Wise

Years passed, and the city grew. One day, a new, modern traffic light was installed nearby. It was sleek and knew many fancy tricks. At first, our traffic light felt old and worried. But then it realized, “I have wisdom and experience, like an old tree full of stories.”

As it watched the world change, the signal light learned the wisdom of patience. Cars got faster, but the rules of red, yellow, and green remained the same. “No matter how fast the world goes, patience and care are always in fashion,” the traffic light mused, wise like a grandparent.

In its sunset years, the signal light saw many generations cross its paths. It realized its life was full of colors, not just red, yellow, and green, but all the hues of the lives it touched. Like a lighthouse, it stood, guiding and protecting.

And so, the traffic light, with its colors bright and heart full, continued to shine at the crossroads, a silent guardian, a faithful friend, and a wise elder, teaching us all to pause, prepare, and proceed with care in the journey of life.

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