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Be Fantastic Without Plastic!

Today a world without plastic is unimaginable.

Plastic products are used in every aspect of our lives. Child’s first bottle, toys, bed lining, pens, a toothbrush to a syringe injected to a dying man. In every activity, we use products made of plastic.

‘Plastic products’ industry supports our economy in a big way.

Many people are working in this industry by making products to selling them. But there was a time when plastic never existed. My grandparents, in their childhood, played with wooden toys, used neem twigs for brushing to cooking in utensils made of steel, copper and other metals.

We need to understand how plastic can affect our lives.

A plastic bag will not decompose even after 500 years of being put in the soil. The plastic containers release poisonous chemicals into the food stored in them and are they really long-lasting as our metal products? Many of our animals in the sea and on land are dying because of eating plastic by mistake. The areas where our city’s garbage is dumped is full of plastic bags and it feels that we are living in the Garb- Age.

Let’s bring small changes in our thinking, living and buying.

  • Let’s carry our own bottles, reusable containers and cloth bags.
  • Replace plastics in our kitchen and home.
  • Repair the clothes, shoes and products that can be reused.
  • Choose cotton clothes over synthetic clothes.
  • Return containers and bags to shops for reuse.
  • Have waste-free parties.
  • Eat ice cream in cones.
  • Avoid drinks in plastic bottles, using plastic straws and spoons.
  • Buy in bulk and buy fresh.
  • Prefer home-cooked meals and snacks over market products that are wrapped in plastic covers.
  • Use durable metal hair clips, hairbands, bottles, tiffin and compass box instead of plastic ones.
  • Cover books with paper covers.
  • Use earthen pots for our plants.
  • Choose toys made of metal, earthen clay or cloth.
  • Recycle our old torn clothes to make our own dolls. 

The solution lies in being mindful of what we are using and where it is going. Let’s completely ban the usage of plastic in our lives.

Like our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said we have to make our country plastic-free nation by the year 2022.

But what about the waste which is already there?

We can use the waste to make roads or footpath tiles, recycling plastic items consumes less energy than making new ones. We should clean the litter on our beaches, market areas, tourist spots. We should throw our wastes in proper garbage bins so that we are able to recycle our wastes. Our requirements and activities should lead to zero wastage. Our lifestyle should aim for longevity and durability. This use and throw way of living creates a lot of waste. This is seen in the rise of garbage in our surroundings, unlike our grandparents’ childhood.

So let’s “Be fantastic and not litter plastic”. Let’s stand together and pledge to ban single-use of plastic. Let’s make the earth a plastic-free world. Let’s live in the beauty of nature and it’s products and banishes plastic out of our lives.

Go Natural Forget Plastic!


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Shivanshi Rai

Grade 5, Navy Children School, Goa

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