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Book Review – Smile By Raina Telgemier

Smile is a book from and about Raina Telgemier.

Book Review

Smile is based on Raina’s life.

She writes how she got braces and how she dealt with it.

She was running and tripped and injured her two front teeth.

At the same time, she had to deal with friends who were not so friendly to her. There was a boy who liked her but she liked someone else.

In high school, she discovered her musical voice and made some new friends who made her happy. It was a place where she could finally smile.

For more details, you should actually read it!

Image: Raina Telgemier from Wikimedia Commons

Why did I like about it?

I liked it a lot because it taught me that instead of feeling sorry for myself at something I should focus on the things that can make me happy.

My recommendation

I recommend you all to read it. I am in 4th grade; after reading I learnt that I should have read it in around 6th grade. But you please do not make that same mistake. It is a nice book and a little emotional one.
I really like it and you all should definitely read it when you are in 6th grade.

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