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Come together to combat climate change

What are the things you can do to prevent climate change?

Saving the environment starts with us and it is our responsibility to act against the terrible changes to preserve the planet for future generations.

1. Make your commute green:- Millions of people drive to work every day and emit greenhouse gases that destroy our atmosphere. Use eco-friendly measures to commute to work like carpooling, taking public transportation, riding a bicycle,  which is a great way to cut emissions.

2. Recycle:- Recycling is a cost-effective and eco-friendly process that eliminates waste and doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. We can recycle used glass, plastic, electronic items and use it like other materials.

3. Plant a garden/Eat less meat :- Dig in the soil and start planting for your daily needs and enjoy the fresh-picked ones. Cut out on meat as raising cattle and sheep creates a vast amount of Methane a powerful greenhouse gas. Swap for a more balanced diet with fish, eggs etc.

4. Start composting:- Garbage we throw piles up in landfills which emits greenhouse gases and contaminates the soil under them. Transforming food wastes into fresh nutrient-rich soil gives home gardens a boost and helps plants grow.

5. Carry your own shopping bags:- Plastic bags are destructive to the environment they take hundreds of years to breakdown, contaminate soil and waterways and cause widespread animal deaths. To combat the problem cities have enacted plastic bag bans so switch to reusable bags.

6. Preserve the night sky:- Avoid unnecessary lighting which wastes a lot of money and energy.

Educate others and come together to combat climate change.


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Rithik Nair

Grade 7, The Choice School, Thiruvalla, Kerala

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