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Image depicting Happy Father's Day Dad

Happy Father’s Day! Make it special for your Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!!! Father’s Day is here to make your dad feel special. Dads, indeed are special. What’s special about your dad?

Is he the Always Busy Dad Or the Always Available Dad

Or the Old Fashioned Dad Or the Party On Dad

Or the Project Manager Dad, The Army Disciplinarian Dad

The Cute and Sentimental Dad, The Hard Like Coconut Dad

Is he the Big Biceps Dad, Or the Big Tummy Dad

Is he world’s Greatest Farter or the Greatest Father

All of the above Dad or None of the above Dad

Why Father’s Day?

With a father, every day is Happy Father’s Day, right? But this special day is dedicated to dads to celebrate their role in our lives and family.

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” —Unknown

Father has a very important role, right from the time we are born and much after we grow up and lead our independent lives.

What better than wishing him on Curious Times. Load your love and best wishes for your dad. Show he is special. Do you have some interesting, boring, embarrassing, sentimental stories with your dad at the centre. Share those stories, the poems, the art, the cards, the music you made for him. Let it be really special Father’s Day.

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So we look forward to receiving your love for your dad, this special Father’s Day on Curious Times. Start NOW!


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