My Expressions

Date : 14 May 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Sia Aggarwal

Mom, mom,

You  love me so much

I know that you and I can trust.

Mom, mom,

You always know what to do,

And everything you speak is always true

Mom, Mom

You are always punctilious for me,

That from my eyes I always see,

Mom, Mom,

For my success you are ambitious,

And the food you make is always delicious.

Mom, mom,

You give me advice,

That is always right.

Mom, Mom,

You are never wrong.

Mom, Mom,

You are in the form,

Like my teacher, friend and my mom.

Mom, Mom,

At my success you are happy,

But when I fail,

You make me understand,

That I will have to try again and take my stand.

I know, I know,

Its all for my good,

But sometimes I misunderstood.

Mom ,Mom,

I love you too,

And I know that for any matter I can rely on you.

So, I wanted you to know,

That you are the best mom on earth,

I know that since my birth.


Sia Aggarwal

Grade 6, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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