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My New Year Resolution

In new year, people make many resolutions, They says they’ll make this new better than previous . My new year resolutions is to get good marks in my exams, more good than previous year, so. I just want to concentrate on my studies…. I also planned to give sometime for my sports. I am a good player of badminton, so I want to play badminton to the national level…..
Due to pressure of studies, I doesn’t get time to play my favorite games….. But this year, I have decided I’ll give time to the sports also .
And make my parents feel proud….
I’ll do work hard to fulfill their dreams….I want to change myself ,I want to become a good and accurate player along with mine studies….
I’ll try my best to accomplish it….. I’ll do hard work to make my 2022better than previous…. year.

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Nishit Bansal

10, OLIVEMOUNT GLOBAL SCHOOL, Hyderabad, Hyderabad , Telangana

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