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The Old Diary

I turned the pages yellow and crinkly,
Studying my fortunes like a bouquet of flowers
I saw there a letter, inside an envelope
Opening it, I read aloud
The way I described my days,
My dusks, my noons, the mids

I turned the page henceforth,
Glittering my eyes like the silver glitter
I saw a card given by my student,
Inside it was beautiful composition
Stealing what I never stole
The talent of this world kept aside

I moved on to the other page
Holding my emotions like an emotionless robot
I saw the sketches black and white
And yet a colourful illustration
With all those lines together
To form a glorious depiction

I turned to the next page
Crying yet smiling like the rain
I saw the dry beautiful red-petal rose
The stem of which wanted the lost drop of water
Smell of which gave u a nostalgic touch
And you feel like flying away


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