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Image depicting Art - a hobby and a talent

Art – a hobby and a talent

Is art just a hobby or a strong talent?

COVID-19 has been stressful for everyone. Be it, kids, their parents, or elderly people, everyone has suffered a lot due to the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Due to the COVID-19 spread, the schools and colleges got closed. Online learning became the norm. Online learning is an option. But not a substitute for learning in groups at school. Lack of social interaction built a lot of stress.

Even after the schools opened, the students and teachers are catching up to the learning losses. Even this is building stress in children. The earlier years of lower social interaction has made it hard for kids to be their pre-pandemic normal self.

Did you know doing some artwork can help you to destress?

Importance of Art

Art is satisfying. So, let kids have separate spaces for their creative work. Not only kids, but the elderly people can also do some artwork and have a whole satisfied feeling.

Making art and crafts can heal you in a beautiful way. Moreover, it is useful for kids as it will help in the development of creative thinking amongst the children.

Art has been flourishing throughout the pandemic. The UN Cultural Agency has invited people from throughout the world to show their love for art through the hashtag #ShareCulture. This initiative has surely connected the world together.

Art initiatives by India

India has one of the world’s largest collections of songs, music, dance, theatre, folk traditions, performing arts, rites and rituals, paintings and writings. These are knowns as the Intangible Cultural Heritage(ICH) of humanity. For preserving these beautiful elements, the Ministry of Culture has launched many schemes in order to provide financial support to individuals and groups who are engaged in performing the different forms of art.

India Foundation of Arts has initiated many programs to encourage art, be it, drawing, painting, or dancing and singing. You can visit their website if you want to pursue arts in the future.

Art is for everyone

Due to COVID-19, almost everyone in the world had to face the lockdowns. Amidst this, everyone, especially children suffered a lot. They had to stay indoors all the time, and it affected their overall growth. But, with art, they have found their escape and also their calling.

Many children and even adults have started to take up art during the lockdown. You must have seen ladies putting up recipe videos and kids showing their drawings on social media.

Art skills can’t be developed overnight. You need to practice them if you want to ace the art, be it performing, dancing, speaking, singing, instrumental, drawing, painting, crafts or even writing. Have you tried your hand at drawing or painting yet?

Art at Curious Times

At Curious Times, we have many children showcasing their art on our platform. Art can change your mindset and the way that you look at life. It can lessen stress and brings joy to the heart.

The Creative Challenge By Curious Times

During the holidays and stay-at-home period, children learn a variety of things. They get the opportunity to build on their craft and vocation. Curious Times held The Creative Challenge Season 1 in June 2021. The three-day-long creative challenge experienced thousands of students participating in the challenge.

The Creative Challenge Season 2 is scheduled for 29-May-2022 to 31-May-2022. Students from all parts of the globe will participate and win certificates and prizes.

There are three art forms in The Creative Challenge By Curious Times:

  1. Performing Arts: The performing arts include dancing, singing, mimicry and story-telling. These are interesting and help in the overall development of the kids.
  2. Art: Art is all about sketching, painting, crafting and doodling. Encourage the children to spend their time in refining their skills.
  3. Creative Writing: Apart from writing answers to the questions asked in exams, the children are good at writing essays, fables, stories, and poems. These skills will boost their confidence.

Isn’t it interesting to do draw a scene, or to write a poem about a bird that visits your balcony?

Any kind of art can soothe your mind and soul. It will not only make you happy but will help you refine your non-academic skills.

Let’s look up some of the artworks by the students associated with Curious Times.

Learning Art at Curious Times

Curious Times not just organises contests and challenges, we also host challenges by other partners. There are hundreds of Teacher partners, who teach art. They polish raw talent. For more details, you can follow My Expressions and show your interest in any type of course. We may be able to get some classes organised for you.

Art is therapeutic

Art is therapeutic, it’s like a prayer. The more you indulge in the art, the more you tend to enjoy it. The more it heals worries and stress.

The head of the UN Cultural Agency says that the celebration of World Art Day reminds us that art can connect people in times of crisis, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. World Art Day is celebrated in the month of April and it is an international celebration of fine arts.

My Expressions

Expressions matter. Expressions, when converted into art, can produce the best art out of an artist. If you’re a student, teacher or parent and you have interests in art, share your artwork with us at Curious Times.

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