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Date : 15 August 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Rahul George

What does freedom mean to me?

Reminded about Syria

Last month, my teacher told us about the war in Syria.

Syria a country in the Middle East. She told us there’s a war there between different groups of people who are trying to control the country. 

We learnt about people dying in Syria. We also talked about how difficult it is for children- their schools have been destroyed by bombs so they can’t go to study or play with their friends. 

A lot or children have also left the country with their parents so they can be safe.

Syrian children also don’t have good drinking water.

Now when I think of India

When I think about them, I feel so lucky to live in India where we are free to do what we want.

I can play when I want. Yesterday I played in the rain.

I can go out with my parents when I want to. I can be with my friends and have birthday parties at home. I can ride my bicycle and run after birds in the park.

There is no fear of bombs or of someone killing us.

“I tried to tell my little sister about freedom when I was writing this. She doesn’t understand freedom or Syria because she is a baby. One day, she will.”

I wish all the children in the world had freedom like me. I pray for this.

Rahul George


Rahul George

Grade: 2, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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