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Internet Security

We usually don’t think that something bad would happen to us every day we go to work, but some precautions don’t hurt as we don’t live in the safest of worlds.

With the growing usage of technology and advancements in the fields of devices and networks, security is sure to be a key risk factor. In today’s world, we all have been using computers and all types of handheld devices daily which provide us a lot of ease in using online services.

But all using online services has some drawbacks too and we all have certainly heard about cybercrime. Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from hacking, phishing and spamming. All these serious crimes committed online can be stopped or at least limited to some level by-

1 ] Using some cybersecurity tools like – Wireshark , Birp Suite, Nessus, Oper VAS etc.

2] The internet security can be achieved by using passwords [ unsharable ] when attending devices [ computer, phone, tablet ] should be locked.

3] Not clicking unexpected/ suspicious attachment or links e-mail.

4] Backing up data regularly.

5] Limiting personal sharings on social networks.

6] Sensitive browsing [ banking, shopping ] should be done only on a personal or trustworthy network.

7] Preventing plugging of the device at infected sites [ hard devices/ smartphones ]

8] There are a great many other services like Antivirus and firewalls which make the systems more secure for sure. So, be security tools and above mentioned precautionary steps would not only block but also eliminate the internet or cybersecurity threats.  


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Kruti Sharma

Grade 6, Calorx Public School , Ghatlodia , AhmedabadGujarat

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