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Date : 26 October 2019

  • Educators Speak
  • Priyanka Kapoor

This message is from Priyanka Kapoor 2018ier from Nagarnigam Prathmik Vidalaya, Girls, Aya Nagar.

“Our third graders share the fact that   LANTERNS remove darkness and gloominess from one’s life and replace it with light, hope and happiness.

Lanterns from 3rd graders of Nagarnigam Prathmik Vidalaya, Girls, Aya Nagar

With that thought, they made lanterns and spread the colour of happiness through Rangoli.

Beautiful Rangoli by 3rd Graders and Priyanka Kapoor Ma’am

They encouraged the whole school to be a part of it and celebrate Diwali together with them.

This is our story… We as a whole team wish you a very Happy Diwali.


Priyanka Kapoor

Nagarnigam Prathmik Vidalaya, New Delhi, Delhi

Priyanka, a graduate from Delhi, studied Early Childhood in Sydney and taught there. A mother of two, an educationist and entrepreneur, she has run her own school for 12 years.
With a mission to serve underprivileged children, she became a Teach for India Fellow and is currently working with Nagarnigam Prathmik Vidalaya, Girls School, Aya Nagar. Working for and with children is her life mission now.

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