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Mother’s Love ❤️

My Mother is awesome,
she is beautiful and unique.
Turning my wounds into wisdom,
She could do anything and everything.

She is master of all now,
she compresses the world to bow.
She doesn’t stop, night or dawn,
she keeps marching on and on!!

She tells me to think high,
so we grow up and fly in the sky.
She guides me life ‘s war,
which helps me to become a star.

She is a cure to my pain,
even if I fall over and over again.
She is as soft as flower
keeps me under the happiness of shower.

Fire in her ignites me,
which helps me to shine bright.

I wish her happiness and long life.
You are caring and daring
You are the best my mom!!
I feel blessed to have you…


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Medha Bhalla

Grade 8, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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